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Programming Languages

Top Five Programming Languages In 2022

Programming languages are used to build a variety of software, including but not limited to operating systems, application software, desktop tools, web applications, and middleware. The most widely used programming languages have been drawing considerable attention from computer science academics and industry experts all over the world.

The most valuable programming languages are usually present at high positions in different coding competitions, and based on this similarity, an expected trend for future language rankings can be made:

1. Java

The main benefit of Java is the possibility of building mobile and desktop apps for almost every platform. There are many open source libraries that can be used to build simple apps quickly on web browsers, iOS, and Android.

Besides this, a significant advantage of Java is that it doesn’t require any installation or configuration of the programming language, and you can use it alongside C/C++, JavaScript, and any other programming language, so if you want to focus more on the software development process itself, Java programming language may come as a good choice.

2. C++

The simplified programming language C++ has boasted a significant position in market share for many years, and it is expected to stay in the top position at least until 2022. This language has great performance for building highly effective software products, especially in the science and technology domain, where most IT products are built with C++ code. For help with programming homework, you can use C++ reference materials on this website.

3. Python

The major benefit of using the Python programming language is an opportunity to build mobile apps with cross-platform compatibility (iOS, Android) and without paid subscriptions.

It was also reported that the popularity of this language is rapidly growing, especially in Eastern Europe, where it seems like the top choice on the market today. Python is used for mobile app development since it has the ability to run on mobile operating systems such as Windows and Android.

4. C#

C#, a language invented and developed by Microsoft, is the most powerful competitor of Java in the programming world. This programming environment allows users to build mobile apps for iOS and Android devices along with apps for Windows Phones.

Moreover, this technology can be used to build desktop applications along with web apps on any browser. C# is also highly recommended by professional programmers because it doesn’t require experience to learn it since its syntax is close to other popular programming languages such as Java and Python.

5. PHP

PHP is considered to be one of the most popular open-source web programming languages that have built-in support for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is used to build many website solutions, including Facebook and Wikipedia.

PHP has a great market share, and the most probable scenario for its future place in 2022 is in position three, which confirms that this language promises to stay in the market for at least four more years. The main benefit of using PHP is the ability to integrate with any kind of text editor, HTML editor, or IDE.

Programming Languages


As you can see in the above list, the most valuable programming languages will probably remain in top positions for at least a couple of years which is not surprising since more than three-quarters of all software worldwide are built with these languages.

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