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How Tall Is Olaf

Find Out How Tall Olaf Is From Disney’s Frozen

You may have seen or heard about Elsa and Anna’s frosty adventures in Frozen and Frozen II, whether you’re a devoted Disney fan or simply a casual moviegoer. If so, you could concur that Olaf the Snowman is one of the movie’s most memorable characters.

Olaf, who Elsa created to symbolize her reconnection to her emotional core and upbringing, also provides comic relief. Now, there are various rumors regarding Olaf’s height that result in hilarious online discussions, which may have led you to wonder: exactly how tall is Olaf? what about the heights of Elsa, Anna, and the others while we’re at it?

Olaf’s Height Has Never Officially Been Confirmed

Let’s get things over with first. No official sources have listed Olaf’s precise height. Olaf’s original height on the Frozen wiki was listed as 5 feet 4 inches (162.6 cm), although this number has never been confirmed. In fact, this height is no longer listed on the wiki. Nevertheless, at some point, this unofficial height went widespread online. Elsa would be a whopping 11 feet 2 inches tall if Olaf were actually 5 feet 4 inches tall, according to a popular Twitter tweet that did the arithmetic (340.36 cm).

In fact, for a while, the notion that Elsa was taller than the typical human caught on online. People’s responses ranged from disappointment at being shorter than a snowman to speculation about Elsa and Anna’s size as children. It goes without saying that Olaf being that tall is unlikely. However, the idea that he was that tall and the realization that Elsa and Anna were unnaturally tall did give the internet some amusing speculating material.

How Tall are Elsa and Anna?

Elsa and Anna’s actual heights have also never been verified by Disney. Fans are still having fun speculating, despite everything. As was already noted, when people mistook Olaf for being 5 feet 4 inches, they went bonkers. They began to believe that Elsa and Anna, even as little children, had superhuman heights as a result. Olaf was most likely far shorter than that, of course.

The two sisters’ heights would be more proportionate as a result. One Tumblr post calculated the heights of the characters and came to several conclusions. Based on door dimensions and how tall characters were with respect to doors, Anna was found to be exactly five feet tall (152.4 cm). Elsa’s height was measured at five feet, four inches (162.56 cm).

calculated the heights of the Frozen characters

Image source: https://goldflshturtle.tumblr.com/

One of the show’s directors, Jennifer Lee, ended up tweeting to clarify the situation after heated fan speculation. She stated in a since-deleted tweet that Olaf’s height on the wiki was probably an error. She added that Anna is 5 ft 5 in and Elsa is 5 ft 7 in (170.18 cm) (165.1 cm). Fans calculated Olaf’s height after being disappointed to learn that Elsa and Anna weren’t actually superhumanly tall. They concluded that his height was close to 2 feet 6 inches (76 cm). Olaf is also not very tall, he has a more reasonable height than fans think.

Okay, I keep getting asked about Olaf’s height. I’m guessing 5’4″ is a typo from something. If it said 3’4″ I’d buy it. How tall is Anna and Elsa? From what I remember, Anna is 5’5″ and Elsa is 5’7″. I could be off an inch or two, but not a foot or two. Xx

— Jennifer Lee (@alittlejelee) December 11, 2019

How Tall are Kristoff, Hans, and Sven?

While we’re at it, you might wonder about the other characters’ heights. Again, it’s difficult to get official information, but that doesn’t stop people from speculating. Before the whole Olaf height moment went viral regarding Elsa and Anna being so incredibly tall, everyone was doing the math.

The Tumblr post from earlier also makes an attempt to provide estimations for additional characters. In it, Kristoff is reported to be 5 feet 10 inches (177.8 cm) tall, Hans is 5 feet 6 inches (167.64 cm), and Sven is 4 feet 3 inches (129.54 cm). None of these three elevations is official. Still, it’s pretty impressive how far fans will go to answer the burning questions. Imagine measuring the height of an animated door with a ruler. Then use math to compare said height with another character’s height. And finally, extrapolate the height of the other characters based on the original character (used as a baseline).

Fascinating Questions About Frozen, Answered

In 2013, Disney’s Frozen swept the country with its unique characters, memorable songs, and remarkable animation. Then, in 2019, Disney released an equally impressive sequel, Frozen II. The rich lore and history established by the films are of enduring quality, with fans still discussing the films today. Given the complexity of the stories and plot points that intertwine throughout both films, it’s understandable that audiences have questions about the mythology and characters introduced in the series.

Whether you’ve seen the movie or not, even the most avid Frozen fans might be surprised by some of this information. We have answered some of the most fascinating questions regarding Frozen that we all might have thought about at least once.

1. Where are Kristoff’s parents?


image source: https://frozen.disney.com/kristoff

In the first Frozen, it is revealed that Kristoff Bjorgman was raised by trolls when he was 8 years old and eventually started working as an ice miner. The mystery surrounding Kristoff’s ancestry, though, is a bit greater. Jennifer Lee, the director of Frozen, has provided an explanation in a number of interviews, despite the fact that it is never stated officially in the movie.

Apparently, Kristoff was an orphan before being adopted by trolls; However, his outspoken personality makes it difficult for him to stay in the orphanage. Kristoff often escapes exploring the woods, where he eventually meets Sven.

2. How old is Hans?

How old is Hans?

Image source: https://screenrant.com/

According to the Frozen director, Hans was about 23 years old when he first arrived in Arendelle. To give some perspective, Anna, the victim of his treacherous plan to become ruler of Arendelle, was 18 years old when the first Frozen movie was made.

3. Who is Elsa based on?

Elsa based on

Image source: https://frozen.disney.com/elsa

She’s based on Hans Christen Andersen’s Snow Queen (though most of the similarities aren’t given in the end) Those who have seen Frozen are certainly familiar with Hans Christen Andersen’s Frozen fairy tale, published in 1845, which strongly inspired Disney movies. However, audiences may not know that Elsa was originally written to look more like Andersen’s Snow Queen than to appear in the film.

According to the film’s producer, Peter Del Vecho, Elsa and Anna were not originally sisters and Elsa is the main antagonist of the film. She has bad intentions, with an entire battalion of snow monsters. Fortunately, her character was rewritten, becoming the kind queen of Arendelle.

4. What is the official crest of Arendelle?

crest of Arendelle

Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/

A sharp-eyed audience can recognize the crest of Arendelle through many scenes in the film. Anna even wore the crest on her necklace during Elsa’s coronation. The crest features a flowering plant called “crocus”, which the Arendelle family has chosen as a symbol of rebirth and perseverance.

Usually blooming in late winter, crocus can grow in the snow even during the coldest months, making it an apt metaphor for Arendelle.

5. Who is the Voice of Oaken?

Voice of Oaken

One of Frozen’s funniest and most unexpected characters is the bargain shop owner of Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna. Although he only appeared briefly in the films, there is no denying that he brought a comedic presence to the films. Oaken’s voice is provided by Chris Williams, who will go on to work on another Disney film shortly after Frozen is released.

In 2014, Chris Williams directed the Oscar-winning movie Big Hero 6. Maybe one day fans will get to see an Oaken/Baymax crossover series.

6. How Many Strands of Hair Does Elsa Have?

Strands of Hair Does Elsa Have

Image source: https://www.disfordisney.com/

3D animation is becoming more and more realistic as technology advances, which often causes animators to think outside the box. To create Elsa’s gorgeous hair, Disney animators had to design special software just to handle the animation.

Although Elsa has about 420,000 individual hairs, it’s understandable that designing her required a lot of resources. Turns out the animators designed Elsa’s hair with 15 times more hair than Rapunzel’s, whose signature hair is so well done.

7. What is Hans’ Horse’s Name?

Hans’ Horse’s Name

Considering Hans’ many atrocities, it’s helpful to think that his horse could have been more kind and compassionate. The fact that he knew how to bow to the princess clearly showed his respect for the royal family.

Although never mentioned in the film, Han’s horse is named Sitron, which means lemon in Norwegian. He is also described as a “Fjord”, a hearty breed that can withstand the cold.

8. Was Olaf’s Dialogue Scripted?

Olaf is an undeniably fan-favorite character that resonates with audiences of all ages. Its popularity is largely due to comedic voice actor Josh Gad. Although most of Olaf’s lines were scripted, the directors gave Josh Gad the creative freedom to improvise many of the lines.

As a result, the initial scenario is significantly different from the final iteration. Interestingly, one of Olaf’s most iconic quotes, “Hi everyone, I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs,” was actually improvised by the talented Gad.

9. What is the Most Expensive Frozen Toy?

Expensive Frozen Toy

Image source: https://www.youtube.com/@TheToyBuzz

The only thing that can rival the popularity of the Frozen franchise is its own merchandise. The market is already saturated with Frozen toys, which recently pulled in $107.2 billion in retail sales, more profitable than movies. With that in mind, however, a toy proved particularly valuable.

In 2019, Roberto Coin released a set of dolls exclusively for Saks Fifth Avenue for the incredible price of $30,000. The dolls also come with 18k jewelry accessories, giving them an undeniably impressive look.


After talking about the heights of your favorite “Frozen” characters, we have Elsa, the ice queen, who is 5 feet 4 inches tall. Anna is the older sister who can never let go and is exactly 5 feet tall. Olaf, the endearing snowman whose “height” set off all of this internet commotion, is roughly 2 feet 6 inches tall. The other characters’ heights range from 4 feet 3 inches to 5 feet 10 inches.

But maybe most importantly, we’ve discovered that Disney fans can be a very passionate bunch who will do anything, even math, to find out the answer to a burning question like How Tall is Olaf?

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