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Let’s Explore Some Appliance Parts That Cost A Bomb During Replacement

You use countless small and large appliances daily to reduce your time and energy consumption. Look at how you heat or cool the room and food, wash and dry clothes, mow the lawn, etc. You see appliances everywhere. Floor cleaning and mopping jobs also involve them. These innovative products keep you and your life sorted. Imagine a day when your dishwasher stops working, or your washing machine turns off. What will be your reaction? The very thought of something like this happening can increase your stress level.

You worry more about buying one to replace the entire model. The cost factor can ruin your mental peace. You feel differently about the budget with a sink when remodeling a laundry room or a leaky faucet in the bathroom. These are relatively affordable. But large ticket-size items bother you. Due to this, you can call a repair company with the hope of saving money. While some scenarios favor this decision, replacing the entire thing can be better than spending more money on one expensive part of the old machine.


You can decide your choice by investigating the price of the broken piece at aftermarket part stores or the manufacturing company’s website. It will reveal the cost you must pay to get your equipment back to normal. With this understanding, let’s check what costs what.

1. Grill Pellet Hopper

Certain parts of the grill, like grates, catch basins, and burners, are easy to replace because of the affordable prices. But the pellet hopper can be one expensive replacement, costing around USD $200 to 250. This part contains the pellets that produce heat for grilling when the electric drill moves them toward the firepot. The mechanical component is pricey because of its complex composition and electric motor.

2. Microwave Door

Smart microwaves are a common sight in any modern kitchen. You don’t have to think much if something goes wrong with the electronic display, control board, or motor. But the door can be a surprising element. You may spend about USD $200 to 500 on its replacement.

If your appliance is a foreign brand, expect it to ask for more due to sourcing and import costs. Still, DIYers can take on this project without hesitation as they don’t have to pay labor charges.

3. Furnace Heat Exchanger

This part contains several metal tubes or sheets to regulate the combustion process within the furnace. It sends the heat into the ventilation system through the thin metal passage from the combustion system to warm up the air before circulating it into the home with the help of the ducts.

When the heat exchanger fails, you can do one of two things – replace this part or the entire appliance. To your knowledge, a heat exchanger can cost around USD$ 1k to 2k. Some models may have even more expensive systems. Going by this, it makes sense to switch to a new model.

4. Oven Door

Every kitchen needs a built-in or standalone oven for meal preparations. Each system has an insulated single-door system that opens sidewise or folds down based on the design. The heavy door traps and retains heat inside, ensuring you can check your food through the glass. Sometimes, the door gets damaged and stops performing well. If you still use it, there can be a fire hazard. So, replacing the door is essential, which can dent your savings by USD $400-600.

5. Refrigerator Compressor

Just like the air conditioner’s compressor, this part of your freezer or refrigerator circulates the refrigerant through the ducts to spread cool air as per the temperature setting. Since this integral system is also complex, you should be ready to shell out anywhere from USD $500 to 650. Affordable freezers can bring this cost down. Also, your DIY skills help a little.

6. Dishwasher Motor

This remote part of the dishwashing machine rarely gets your attention. But this specific mechanism sprays water in desirable force to wash the dishes. The dishwasher would have been nothing but a skeleton to store some extra utensils if it had not been there. You find this assembly under the dishwasher’s basin. You can buy a new dishwasher for USD $700, while the replacement cost of the motor can range from USD $400 to 600. If you compare the two pricing sets, it makes sense to swap the entire dishwashing machine with the new one.

7. Agitator or Spindle In The Cloth Washer

The central protruding part in the top-load washing machine is the agitator that twists and turns to move your laundry inside the drum during the washing cycle. It keeps clothes from sitting in one place. You may have to pay USD $300 to 375 for its repair if it gets damaged. Before doing any such thing, you must consider the age of the washer and the condition of the other parts of the machine.

8. Air-Conditioner Compressor

Air-Conditioner Compressor

image source: https://www.rathvac.com/

This part transfers the cooling gas from the evaporator to the condenser coils to help the air conditioning system cool your room. You can call it the heart of this appliance. If it stops working, you may have to pay around USD $1500-2000 on average for its replacement.

Interestingly, you can buy a new AC for USD $5500. So before deciding the fate of the compressor and the air conditioning unit, it’s better to check its age. It will be ridiculous to deal with an aging system and expensive parts.


What do you feel after looking at these expensive replacement parts? The idea is to investigate the equipment thoroughly if a vital part fails or refuses to perform. If the replacement part costs you as much as or close to the price of a new product, it should be an easy decision. After all, old systems with replaced parts can be unreliable. Without warning, some parts of the repaired appliance can fail, upsetting all your cost-saving endeavors.

Hence, it’s necessary to choose clever options based on thorough analysis. Such practices can prove much more helpful. If you compare your stress levels regarding full or partial unit replacement, there can be a slight difference. But the main solace can be that you invested your money in the right decision.

Douglas is a cheif editor of Zumboly and experienced blogger with a passion for lifestyle, technology, health, and business. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Hue has developed a keen eye for detail and a unique writing style that engages readers and keeps them coming back for more.