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Water Wave Hairstyles

10 Water Wave Hairstyles For A Fabulous Summer Look

Water wave hair is an absolute must-have for summer. It’s a great way to give your look a playful, beachy feel while still looking put-together and stylish.

Whether you’re going out on the town or just hanging out at the beach, these 10 water wave hairstyles will keep you looking and feeling fabulous all season long!

Water Wave Hair Do’s for This Summer

1. Passion Twist

Not only is this hairstyle stylish, but it’s also incredibly easy to achieve. It would help if you had two-strand twists and some water to create tight, uniform curls that will last all day. Passion twists are a great way to style for a carefree vibe with a touch of glam. At a glance, these cute twists may seem untidy; however, when done correctly, they create a tidy, effortless, yet elegant look.

2. Mermaid Waves

Slightly differing from the original beach waves, these waves are effortless yet gorgeous. This look can be rocked with any outfit, from maxi dresses to tank tops and shorts. Moreover, mermaid waves are perfect for anyone looking to make a statement this summer.

Create large, beachy curls with the help of some styling products and volumizing mousse. The result? Perfectly tousled waves that will have everyone asking how you got your hair to look so perfect! Plus, the slightly messy look gives you an effortless beachy vibe that’s undeniably chic.

3. Glam Waves

Also known as Hollywood or vintage waves, glam waves are perfect for a night out or to give your look an extra special touch. If you want to dress up your hair and make it look polished and glamorous, glam waves are the way to go. Take your water wave hairstyle to the next level with glam waves! With this style, you’ll be able to create a sleek and polished look with just a few simple steps.

For this style, start by creating a deep side part and then create larger curls with the help of a curling wand or flat iron. To finish the look, use some hairspray to hold your locks in place so you can show off your glamorous waves all day!

4. Ombre Water Waves

Ombre hair has been famous for quite some time, but ombre water waves are the perfect way to elevate your overall look for attention. Start with your favorite ombre color combination, and then add loose water waves for an effortless yet stylish summer look. The key is to keep it simple – don’t overdo it and let the colors do all the talking! With UNice water wave wig collection, you can create a stunning and unique look that will turn heads all season long.

5. Braid Out

Braid Out

Image source: https://www.naturalhairmag.com/

This hairstyle is perfect for anyone who wants to mix up their water wave look. A braid out uses your natural hair texture and shape to create a unique and stylish look. This simple water wave hair option enhances your natural curls and gives them extra oomph. The braid out is perfect for anyone looking to keep their hair looking neat yet still have some fun with it. Plus, you can use this style to switch up your look whenever you want!

6. Tightly-Curled Twist Out

This look is a great way to achieve that perfect summer hairstyle. With this hairstyle, you can create tight water wave curls with the help of two-strand twists. This style is also great for those with shorter or thinner hair, as it allows you to add volume and texture without using any additional products. Plus, with tight curls, you can make a statement with your hair. Add some accessories to this style to make it pop for an extra touch of sophistication!

7. Half-Up Top Knot

This look is great for anyone who loves a half-up style but wants something different from the usual top knot. With this water wave hairstyle, you can create a unique look that is both polished and fun. Start by separating the top of your hair into two sections and tie them together in a knot.

This style looks great with any outfit, whether casual or dressy. Plus, it takes just minutes to achieve, so it’s perfect for days when you’re short on time.

8. Side-Swept Water Waves

Sometimes, you need a good side part to change your look completely! With this style, you can add a bit of volume and texture to your hair for an effortless yet chic look. Moreover, this red carpet look is sure to turn heads and is great for any special occasion. To create this look, part your hair down the middle, twist it into water waves, and then sweep it to one side. Finish the look with some hairspray, and you’ll be ready to show off your glamorous side-swept waves!

9. Shaggy Bob

This water wave hairstyle is perfect for anyone with shorter or medium-length hair. A shaggy bob gives off an effortless yet edgy vibe and is a great way to switch up your look with minimal effort. The textured layers in this hairstyle help to soften your facial features and add some volume to your hair. You can easily dress it up or down, depending on the occasion!

10. Watery Braid

The watery braid is the perfect option if you’re looking for a romantic yet modern water wave hairstyle. This look combines a classic French braid with loose water waves for an effortless yet stylish look. To create this hairstyle, braid your hair in the center and then use a curling wand to add texture. Finish off the look with some hairspray, and you’ll be ready to show off your romantic braid!

Go Waves!

With these 10 water wave hairstyles, you can create a unique and stylish look for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for something romantic or edgy, there’s something here for everyone.

The key to achieving the perfect water wave hairstyle is experimenting with different techniques and products to find what works best for your hair. With patience and extra practice, you can create the perfect water wave hairstyle that will turn heads all season long. So go ahead and give it a try! You won’t regret it!

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