Dubai a Tourist Heaven

What Makes Dubai a Tourist Heaven?

Dubai is a land of beautiful landmarks and amazing history. There are plenty of things you can do during your tour of Dubai. I assure you no boredom can come even closer to you during your tour of this marvelous emirate. Plenty of car rental UAE companies, shopping malls, skyscrapers, amazing landscapes, magnificent desert, and modern monuments are the main things for which Dubai is known all over the planet Earth.

Due to the endless fun and thrill, one can have during a tour of this epic land, Dubai is often referred to as a tourist paradise. The fun starts as soon as you land on this amazing soul and continue until you leave Dubai. Many people all over the world visit this epic emirate during holidays or for business tours.

Have you ever thought about why Dubai is so popular among tourists? Don’t you think why among numerous cities of the world only Dubai is referred to as tourist heaven? Let’s try to find the answer to this question by exploring what Dubai has to offer to visitors.

1. Car Rental Companies

The first reason why Dubai is a tourist hub is the presence of plenty of car rental companies in this epic emirate. These car rental companies allow you to rent your dream car and drive it in this marvelous emirate. From Lamborghini to Rolls Royce every luxury car can be rented in this city and is at an affordable price as well.

2. Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls

The world’s best shopping malls are present in Dubai. You can find a shopping mall in Dubai on every road. You can explore these malls at night to check out the luxurious life of the people living there. Only in Dubai Mall, there is a whole variety of the world. It is more than a shopping mall. Plenty of amazing activities are available here for both children and their parents.

3. Amazing Monuments

Dubai’s monuments are well-known all over the world. Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, Burj Al Arab, etc. are the top monuments in Dubai and are known as the trademarks of this epic land. Let’s have a look at some top monuments of this place.

4. Burj Khalifa

 You can never start the list of monuments in Dubai by skipping the world’s tallest building. Situated near the Dubai Mall, this Burj is a great monument in Dubai. It is impossible for someone to visit Dubai and not explore this monument. Seeing Dubai from the top of this building is a really fun experience.

5. Dubai Fountain

Guess what! Like most of the things in Dubai, this fountain is the world’s largest fountain. Located next to the Dubai Mall and very close to Burj Khalifa, this fountain is a treat to watch especially at night when water mixes with plenty of colorful lights.

6. Dubai Frame

This is one of the most underrated monuments in Dubai. This is a very large photo frame and is situated between the old and new Dubai. You must never miss a chance to witness this epic frame that is tall as a 50-storeyed building. The best thing about this frame is that you can see the picture of both old and new Dubai in it.

On one side it encloses the whole of old Dubai, while on the other side it reflects Dubai with all its beauty and charm.

7. Desert Safari

Probably the best thing in the whole UAE is the Dubai desert safari. People live to travel to this vast sand desert and enjoy their time playing with the sand and witnessing amazing natural scenes. You must never have seen something as thrilling and enjoyable in desire as the Dubai desert safari.

The fun of this amazing ride begins as soon as you enter the desert. Dune bashing, riding quad bikes and camels, sandboarding, etc. are among the top fun activities one can have there. Camping and night show double the fun and thrill of this journey. You can rent a car in Silicon Oasis, International City, Dubai Marina, or any other area in Dubai to reach the campsite conveniently.

Bottom Line

You must have realized why Dubai is called a tourist heaven. The endless fun and thrills are the main reasons that attract tourists to this epic land. Make sure to rent a car from any of the trusted car rental companies to make your tour more exciting and adventurous.

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