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Atrium Lifts And Boom Lifts

An Unbiased Comparison Of Atrium Lifts And Boom Lifts

Aerial lifts have become one of the most important machinery in many industries. Even a single day in those industries can only stay productive using aerial lifts. Thousands of workers across the country use different kinds of aerial lifts near a long list of jobs, and their use in different industries only increases over time. There is a long list of industries in which aerial lifts are used, like cleaning, maintenance, construction, and much more.

But if you are new to these industries or need more ideas about aerial lifts, you will be left wondering which aerial lift will be right for you or which is the best in the market. There are many types of aerial lifts in the market, and each has its advantage and specific purpose. But in this blog post, we are going to compare the two most popular and used aerial lifts- boom lifts and atrium lifts. But before we delve into the difference between boom lifts and atrium lifts, it is necessary to know the basics of aerial lifts.

The Basics

Aerial lifts, also known as aerial work platforms, are used to perform different kinds of work in different industries. Compared to the popular scaffolding, the aerial lifts for rent are more mobile and flexible, but at the same time, they are more reliable and stable. When an aerial lift is used from the safety of a raised platform, it can easily be used by one or two workers equipped with their tools.

Over time, aerial lifts have evolved a lot, and now they have become the most reliable machinery for working at height. No need to worry about productivity or safety while working on the aerial lifts for rent. Since there are so many types of aerial lifts available in the market, you should be able to buy the best aerial lift based on the objective of buying it. Knowing about every kind of aerial lift in the market is optional. You only need to know about the two most popular aerial lifts-  atrium lifts and boom lifts.

What Is An Atrium Lift?

Atrium lifts for rent are industrial and considered the best for working at great heights. Since Atrium lifts for rent offer a raised working surface, they can be used for various purposes. In most cases, the atrium lift is used in construction projects, lighting projects, roof painting, tree pruning, and sprinkler system. Whenever workers have to work in a little space, and the project demands better reach height, atrium lift rentals become the perfect choice. Atrium left rentals are ideal for indoor projects or when access to a confined location is crucial because of their modest size.

Also, the diminutive stature of the 60′ atrium lift makes it fit effortlessly through narrow openings. You just need to search for an atrium lift rental near me, and you will find the best 60′ atrium lift in the market. The base of this lift is made to keep the lift completely stable while the workers keep working at great heights without worrying about anything. In addition, so many people search for an atrium lift rental near me since it is exceptionally stable and completely safe because of its small size and the design of the base.

What Is A Boom Lift?

Boom Lift

The base of the boom lift is a bucket or a platform with a long arm directly connected to the grounded base. The boom lift is the most popular aerial lift used to hire workers on utility lines, farms, building sites, and many other locations. Here are the four most common parts of a boom lift:

  • A platform
  • Mobile base
  • Bucket
  • Hydraulic arm

A boom lift can be easily used by a lift operator to widen their vertical and horizontal access or to work at an angle in a daunting condition. The hydraulic arms are one of the biggest advantages of using the boom lift. This hydraulic arm makes the boom lift ideal for bridge work, construction projects, and many other tasks that demand maximum reach. You are usually going to find the boom lift in two most common varieties-

  • Articulating boom lifts, and
  • Telescopic boom lifts

As you can see, both aerial lifts are different in construction and have different advantages. So, when it comes to the selection of the best aerial lift, it all boils down to the purpose of buying the aerial lift.

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