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Death Knight Class In World of Warcraft

Ice specialization Guide For The Death Knight Class In World of Warcraft. Character Pros And Cons

WoW offers players who come to explore its world and locations, dive into the history of Azeroth, and intend to choose their main faction and side with the conflict, a wide pool of characters that do not differ in simple mechanics, but rather have their own pool of interesting skills and abilities that need to be studied. Including with the help of a guide.

For successful gameplay at the initial levels and after reaching the final level of 70 for the current update, you need a lot of game gold. You can farm him with quests, actively pursue professions, and accumulate capital at each potential level, or click here and buy any amount of gold to provide your hero with everything he needs for a comfortable game.

Basic Information About The Class

The Frost Death Knight is an attacking tank, which means a character that is able to deal strong single and AoE damage, but at the same time remains a stable and protected warrior who resists enemy damage, especially magical damage – which is not typical for tanks, which are always more famous his physical protection, but with a potential vulnerability to magic.

Ice Death Knight prefers to fight with two weapons, choosing a two-handed sword, or one blade in each hand. The new talent system has expanded the ability to select skills in builds and now all death knights can borrow key elements from each other without losing combat potential. The core skills of the class will allow him to attack targets with ice and use darkness skills, leaving the potential for escapes with a minimum amount of health.

What Characteristics Should Be Prioritized When Developing A Character With The Ice Specialization

When you create a character, regardless of the class, you will receive all the characteristics at approximately the same level, but depending on the race and specialization, the most profile ones will develop in order for your hero to progress. Since the Death Knight is an attacking tank, it is necessary to strengthen not only the defensive, but also the attacking parameters.

1. Mastery

This is a stat that allows you to focus on offensive and defensive skills, which is extremely important for a Death Knight of any specialization. Mastery allows players to increase the combat potential of their skills, increase the chance of passing debuffs, enhance all defensive and support skills, adding a chance to double the duration, or proc without cooldown.

2. Critical Hit

An important parameter for all classes that attack the enemy with a fast speed and use skills that have the potential to deal double damage. Critical hit is the chance to deal double damage with normal weapon attacks and when using skills.

For all classes that can use a series of damage skills and combine them with simple hits, they have the potential to give out a lot more DPS in percentage terms. The Frost Death Knight is a hybrid class between tank, warrior, and even magical potential, so critical damage will give him a noticeable boost in any use case.

3. Speed

An important parameter for all classes that fight in close combat and for tanks that need to get close to the enemy to keep him on himself and save an ally. Speed allows you to increase not only the parameters of movement, but also the speed of attack and casting spells. We need speed to help our allies and to catch up with our enemies, even when under debilitating effects that slow down movement.

Attack speed will potentially increase the amount of magic and normal attacks, and therefore the resulting damage over a period of time. We are not very interested in the speed of casting magic, but it will be a nice bonus.

4. Versatility

A parameter that all characters have without exception, which affects the ratio between attack and defense that characters have. It is versatility that plays a key role when two characters of different levels are fighting, where a hero with a higher level will win due to the difference in attack and defense, even with a strong lag in equipment and weapons.

For a tank, regardless of its direction – an attacking type, or a full-fledged defense, versatility plays a key role by increasing attack, which will increase the grind and usefulness in raids, and defense will make it possible to withstand damage longer, protect allies and feel more comfortable in battle against enemy faction and arenas and farm large groups of monsters without much damage to yourself.

Strengths Of The Frost Death Knight Class

One of the strongest types of burst damage against a single target and reduced secondary damage against all nearby enemies due to frost magic and lightning attack speed. The ability to provoke monsters to attack only you for the entire duration of the skills. The ability to fully resist knockback and increase movement speed. Creates an anti-magic shield that will cover a large area and all allies within it from magical attacks of all types for a short time. High resistance to various types of damage.

Weaknesses Of The Frost Death Knight Class

There are disadvantages to mobility and an urgent need to increase the speed of movement. If the Breath of Sindragosa skill goes on cooldown, or the runes run out, then the main damage is reduced until the skill is restored. It is practically impossible to deal AoE damage to targets that are at a distance of 1 meter from each other. The main skill does not have a strong effect to give the Death Knight priority over other tanks and semi-dps.

Conclusions And Secondary Tips For Playing The Character

The Death Knight class in any specialization is suitable for players who like to play protected characters with the ability to effectively attack enemies and at the same time do not want to play warriors, but prefer characters with interesting mechanics and combinatorial skills without being tied to a specific style and direction of attacks.

Always aim to buff your weapons and only then fully invest your efforts in armor – the fact is that Death Knight is more about solo leveling, PVP and bringing your damage to raids, and not just about defense and damage resistance. The character gains his potential as the weapon is strengthened and his attacks are strengthened, and then he gains protection in order to resist physical damage and magic, by the way, due to personal skills, it is magical protection that can be increased gradually and postponed to the last stage.

Due to personal defensive skills, the Death Knight is a welcome guest in dungeons and group leveling, so you won’t have problems finding a squad to go to raids and gain experience, and if necessary and love the grind, you can hunt on your own.

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