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Dog Towels

The Ultimate Guide To Dog Towels: What To Look For And How To Use Them

Getting the right dog towel for your dog might seem a daunting task if you have no idea where to look or what to look for. Due to this frustration, some dog parents might settle for sharing a towel with their dogs or using the multi-purpose house towel for their pooch. While loving your pooch might motivate you to share several things with them, a towel is and should not be one of them.

Your pooch deserves its special towel for several health and hygiene reasons. And while navigating getting the right towel for your dog might not be your forte, we are here to help you. In this ultimate guide to dog towels, below are 5 factors to look out for when getting a dog towel for your pooch:

What To Look Out For When Choosing A Towel For Your Dog

1. The Right Type of Material

This cannot be overemphasized. The nature and type of fabric of the towel is the first factor to determine if it is fit for a dog’s use. The fabric of the towel might contribute to making or marring your pooch’s skin health. The ideal fabric for a dog towel should be soft and highly water-absorbent. Microfibre seems to be the preferred choice over regular fabrics like cotton.

2. Is It Machine-Washable or Not

Some dog towels might come with the manufacturer’s instruction not to machine-wash. But for easy cleaning and washing, it is best to go for a towel safe for machine-washing. This way you are assured you’re a deep-cleaned towel just by popping it into the machine washing and running it on a gentle cycle wash with warm to hot water.

3. The Size of Your Dog- And The Towel

You do not want a pup-sized towel for a grown dog. Getting the right size of towel for your breed’s size – especially larger dogs – goes hand in hand. For instance, a towel smaller than your pooch will not get the job of properly drying your pooch done.

After Getting A Dog Towel For Your Mutt, Here Are Helpful Tips On How To Use It:

1. Wrap Your Dog

After bathing, wrap the towel fully around your dog to soak up the water from its furs. For a high-absorbent towel, this can soak up to 50% of the water residue. Thereafter you can go to to patting and rubbing all over your pooch’s body with the towel.

2. Get The Corners

The ears, underbelly, paws, and tail are areas where water residue can remain and give your pooch a cold. Ensure to get these body parts with the towel, patting thoroughly until completely dried.

3. When Blow Drying

Blow Drying

You might not completely get off all the water from your dog’s furs, and this is where the blow dryer comes in, especially in professional grooming sessions. To ensure water doesn’t splash in the air or around your dog when blow drying, have a towel just behind every part you blow dry, using the towel as a support when lifting your mutt’s body parts for the blow dry.


Conclusively, a dog towel is essential to caring for your dog, and with these steps, you are assured of getting the ideal towel for your furry friend.

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