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Orthodontic Issues

Most Common Orthodontic Issues And What To Do With Them

The orthodontic journey, much like any transformative expedition, is filled with its fair share of challenges. While the end goal is a straight, radiant smile that radiates confidence, the path to get there can sometimes be paved with unexpected hurdles.

From dislodged brackets and poking wires to unexpected discomfort or gaps, these issues, although common, can become distressing if not addressed promptly. But fret not! Whether you’re just starting on this journey or are well into your orthodontic adventure, being well-informed about these issues and their solutions can make all the difference.

In this blog post, we’ll shed light on the most common orthodontic dilemmas and provide guidance on managing them effectively. So, buckle up and let’s navigate these orthodontic challenges together, ensuring a smoother ride towards your dream smile!

1. Poking Wires

On occasion, you may experience discomfort from a wire that starts poking your cheek or tongue. When you notice a wire poking you, carefully grab a soft rubbery object such as a clean pencil eraser to gently push the wire down, alleviating the discomfort. 

Should this method prove ineffective, you can apply a small piece of orthodontic wax to temporarily cover the protruding end, providing relief until your next adjustment. With this simple solution, you can maintain comfort while preserving your radiant smile.

2. Loose Brackets

In the event that one of your brackets becomes loose, adopt a composed demeanor and do not attempt to remove the loose bracket yourself, as doing so may exacerbate the situation. Rather, allow your skilled orthodontist to address the issue during your forthcoming appointment. Meanwhile, you can mitigate the concern by utilizing orthodontic wax to temporarily secure the loose bracket.

This precautionary measure ensures stability until professional adjustments can be made. For those in the Washington DC area, consider contacting Kumra Orthodontics. Renowned as a premier orthodontist in Washington DC, their team is well-equipped to handle such scenarios, ensuring minimal disruption to your treatment progress. Remember, timely attention to loose brackets is vital in maintaining the efficiency of your orthodontic journey. 

3. Sore Teeth

After receiving adjustments, you might experience soreness in your teeth. Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water proves beneficial in soothing sore spots caused by adjustments. Also opt for soft foods such as mashed potatoes, yogurt, or smoothies. These soft foods aid in providing respite for your teeth.

Follow these measures, and you’ll swiftly find solace amidst the temporary unease, maintaining a bright and serene smile!

4. Mouth Sores

Occasionally, mouth sores may manifest. Like how you would do when you have sore teeth, conduct mouth rinses with warm salt water, despite its mildly disagreeable taste, to alleviate the pain and expedite the healing process. 

While contending with these bothersome mouth sores, abstain from spicy and acidic foods as well to prevent irritation and facilitate proper recovery. These inconveniences shall soon disappear through time and allow your smile to radiate once again.

5. Lost Ligature

The ligature, a diminutive rubber band that secures your braces’ wire, may occasionally become misplaced. In such cases, you only have to promptly inform your orthodontist regarding the missing ligature during your forthcoming appointment. Your orthodontist, being well-versed in such matters, shall adeptly resolve this issue. 

6. Swallowed Orthodontic Portion

In the event of inadvertently swallowing an orthodontic appliance, say, your braces’ brackets, maintain your demeanor. Compose yourself and breathe deeply, as the occurrence is typically benign. If you’re a minor, alert a responsible adult to apprise them of the situation and seek their assistance. 

Likewise, communicate with your orthodontist to apprise them of the incident, allowing them to determine whether a replacement is necessary. With this approach, you shall swiftly regain your stride and worries.

7. Allergic Reaction From Orthodontic Devices

In rare cases, you may encounter an allergic reaction to orthodontic materials. Should you notice any unusual swelling, rash, or discomfort after a recent adjustment, promptly consult your orthodontist. They will assess the situation and provide guidance on necessary measures. Ensuring your safety and comfort is surely your orthodontist’s concern.

8. Broken Retainers

Broken Retainers

If your retainer becomes damaged or broken, avoid attempting to repair it yourself. Also, do not wear your broken retainers already. Immediately, reach out to your orthodontic office without delay to schedule an appointment.

Continuing to wear a damaged retainer can compromise its effectiveness and potentially prolong your treatment duration. With swift action, your orthodontist will address the situation and guide you toward retaining the best possible results.

9. Unexpected Accidents

In the event of an accident that causes injury to your mouth, notify an adult of the unexpected accident to secure their support and care. You may have to visit the emergency room in such cases. Along with that, let your orthodontist know about the unexpected accident, and ask for their facilitating expert guidance and swift resolution. Remain assured that timely action ensures your smile’s prompt restoration.

Handle Your Orthodontic Emergencies With Your Orthodontist Now

Orthodontic emergencies may be disconcerting, yet you need not face them alone. When confronted with uncertainty, calmness and proactivity are really important. Rely on the expertise of your orthodontist – they possess the knowledge and proficiency to address any concerns. 


Rest assured, maintaining regular check-ups and dutifully tending to your braces or appliances are instrumental in achieving optimal results. So, follow these measures with confidence, and seek the help of your orthodontist as promptly as possible.

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